Fisher & Paykel are the Direct Drive innovators

Fisher & Paykel were the first people to put a Direct Drive Motor in a washing machine, adding smart electronics to create Smartdrive™ Technology. We are world experts in Direct Drive Motor technology.

We know how to optimize and to integrate Motors and electronics into different systems.

Fisher & Paykel Technologies specialise in the design, application, and integration of high efficiency and high quality Motors into appliances and other systems.

Fisher & Paykel Technologies are committed to deliver for our customers:

  • Value added Motor and electronics technology
  • Fully confidential support on the development and improvement of your products
  • Integration of our Motors and controllers
  • High quality and reliable products

Unique design tools

Our design tools allow us optimize motors to meet customer requirements such as high energy efficiency and reliability along with optimized material utilization.

Patented technology

Fisher & Paykel Tehnologies' magnet technology focuses flux to where it is the most effective increases efficiency, reduces motor noise and vibration, and reduces material usage.

Our patented lamination design allows us to design and manufacture thin and quiet Motors that run at high spin speeds while reducing material utilization.

Continuous Research and Innovation

Fisher & Paykel Technologies is constantly introducing new technologies, materials and designs, and expanding our product portfolio.