Direct drive motors offer performance and reliability

Fisher & Paykel Technologies' Direct Drive Motors couple directly to the drive shaft. The motor transmits the power to the application directly without the use of mechanical parts like gears, belts and pulleys.

Removing these noisy and unreliable mechanical parts is the key benefit for the technology. Direct Drive technology allows several performance advantages:

  1. Lower noise and vibration
    Reduction of the number of mechanical components and the system simplification reduces the noise and vibration.
  2. Increased reliability
    System design simplification and having fewer moving parts reduces the assembly time and potentially increases the whole system reliability.
  3. Higher efficiency
    Direct coupling the motor to the shaft eliminates friction inefficiencies present in pulley and belt, and gearboxes.
  4. Precise motor load monitoring
    More precise sensing of motor loads and positioning. New features can be introduced such as adjustments to large or unusual loads and customized product for different market requirements (intelligent sensing).