Unique design tools

Our innovation philosophy and continuous search for improvement to all aspects of Motor technology led us to develop unique design tools.

These constantly evolving tools allow Fisher & Paykel Technologies to optimize Motors to meet customer requirements for energy efficiency, torque, material utilization and specification, robustness and manufacturing process.

Magnet technology

Our magnet technology focuses flux to where it is the most effective. It increases the magnet flux to stator, reducing flux leakages, increasing BEMF and lowering cogging.

This delivers Motors with higher efficiency, less noise and vibration and reduced material utilization.

Patented lamination manufacturing design

Fisher & Paykel Technologies' patented process reduces the electromagnetic induced noise, reduces material utilization and increases the motor power density.

It allows us to design and manufacture Motors that are thin and quiet, run at high spin speeds while reducing material utilization.

30 years experience designing motor controllers

Fisher & Paykel Technologies' use sophisticated software sensing so motor run parameters are constantly monitored and controlled. It can be expanded to include customer application specific requests

Our sinusoidal wave control reduces the torque ripple and reduces the motor noise and vibration.

Our latest vector sensorless control techniques allow us to eliminate one of the most critical part of motor, the motor position sensor.

State of the art manufacturing

Fisher & Paykel Technologies has designed an automated manufacturing process so we deliver high quality and reliable products.

Our new 20,000m2 factory is located in Huangdao, China, just 30 minutes to nearest port. It has high quality machinery and 100% real time measuring and monitoring on key aspects of the products.